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by davidyen @ 10:03 pm 3 March 2010

My file is too large to upload so I made this documentation video:

I used Processing, Box2D (Dan Shiffman’s pBox2d / Eric Jordan’s jBox2D), and the Ricard Marxer’s Geomerative library. The letters are pressurized soft bodies.

I want to do something more with the project someday, like a music video or something. I’ll update this post if I get there.


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  1. Hi David – here are the group comments from the crit.

    Pretty impressive doing a whole coding project while missing some of the essential keys 🙂 Seriously — you’re missing the +/= key ??!?!?!?

    Nice work. Maybe word-based grouping?
    Jon says: See the youtube video of Fainting Goats for an idea about audio-responsive interactions.

    Isn’t there a computer science department here or something? Surely there’s some crufted keyboards kicking around Wean or NSH somewhere….
    Very clean implementation and use of Box3D; clearly not your first time using it. I want one of these as a pet. If you made a music video with this, maybe you could make a packaged, viral video? This easily falls into the category of “Totes Presh.”
    Take a look at Subservient Chicken, in the domain of users typing commands in order to see how avatars (or men in chicken suits) respond. It also sorta reminds me of Keepon – robotic, dancing words? -SB
    I <3 keepon!

    Dancing letters is awesome!!
    Really cool how they all jump differently.



    Very, very cute! It reminds me of that spring creature project we looked at. Very, very adorable and charming! The only complaints I have are that they are a little too linear (although the wobbling is very cute as well). I agree that the eyes blinking would also add to your critter’s cuteness level. I think also adding more colors would be cool too. I really, really like how the letters react to audio.
    Right now the most interesting letters are the i and j (because of the little dots)…I’m wondering if you could somehow make more of the other letters more interesting–maybe make some move more differently as well or have eyes in a different location.
    Nice work! –Amanda

    I love the addition of music, it’s a really fun piece. the only thing that bothers me a little bit is that you can see where the mesh geometry is, which gives the letters a wiggle effect when they deform. However, it did kind of grow on me after a while, especially after you showed the dancing part. Maybe just change the backgound to make it more visually appealing?

    Comment by golan — 6 March 2010 @ 6:58 pm

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