Project 3:[Chocolate,Chocolate, Add some milk][Kuan-Ju]

by kuanjuw @ 12:44 am 3 March 2010


There is a game called “chocolate chocolate add some milk” which is played by 4 to 5 people standing in a line.
It starts by the first player who does some moves with in the rhythm of “chocolate chocolate add some milk”.And after the first round the second player duplicate the first player’s move while the first player is creating a new move. And the third player duplicate the second player’s move and so on.

In this project I used web cam to record moves. After the round it plays the frames that has been recorded right next to the real time frames. And then doing the video cascade for the rest player.
For implementation first I captured the frames from the web cam and drew it in numbers of rectangle, and at the same time I save it as an image array. Finally I cascaded the video in sequence with 100 frames delay for each video.

Untitled from kuanjuwu on Vimeo.

The project uses a web cam and a projector. A good lighting condition is required.

And I wore black shirt and gloves to enhance the quality of video capture.

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  1. Hi KuanJu – here are the group comments from the crit.

    Chocolate chocolate add some milk
    Chocolate chocolate add some milk
    Chocolate chocolate add some milk
    Chocolate chocolate add some milk

    KJ — great interaction. Nice demonstration, I’m glad you spent the time to devise such a good dance routine demo.
    In my opinion: replace that audio recording with a nice drumbeat… it will be much more listenable!

    – see the videos by Norman McLaren, Canon:
    And by Michel Gondry:

    >>I’m not convinced I agree that he should remove the “chocolate chocolate add some milk” if he wants this thing to go viral…to me it has a certain quirky-cool element of “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” that’s very culturally calibrated and maybe shouldn’t be lost. You’d never want to hear it for an hour straight, but you might want to bother your friends with it for 5 minutes. I can see it going viral within Tawainese communities for local cultural reasons, and outside of Taiwan for “gee this is quirky” cultural reasons. 🙂 -SB

    The self-choreography is very effective. One could imagine being a tool that people actually make their own self-choreographed routines, in addition to an art piece – I suspect this crazy contraption might have practical uses too. 🙂 Great hacks to get this done and done quickly, very good interaction. Great job. Honestly? Start publicizing this thing and showing it off; it’s ready to go! -SB

    Very cute! I like how the images follow each other. I wonder if you could make the individual pieces more interesting by instead of using a grid and two colors? Maybe add more color elements? Maybe depending on the extremity of movement you could change around the colors? As is (especially paired with your choreographed video demonstration), it’s still very cool though for the time you had! 🙂 –Amanda

    I would imagine that this could be really fun to play with.

    Comment by golan — 6 March 2010 @ 7:16 pm

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