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The Sonic Body

The Sonic Body, by artists  Harry Neve, Thomas Michalak, and Anna Orliac, is an installation that on the outside looks like a neutral cylindrical shape. On the inside, however is an interactive, tactile installation  composed of fabric forms that mimic organs in the human body. As visitors enter the installation and interact with the fabric forms they trigger a symphony of sounds that have been recorded from the human body. The Sonic Body was made using arduinos to trigger the sounds.




NTQ (Near Tag Quality)

NTQ, created by the french branch of GRL (Graffiti Research Lab), is a DIY graffiti printer. Comprised of an arduino, spray cans, and solenoids, NTQ prints messages that can be programmed into the arduino board onto a variety of surfaces, including walls, cars, and paper. GRL’s goal with this project was to opensource these graffiti printers so that others may be able to build their own (all the parts total to about 200 euros).


Kulbuto, by Émile Sacré, is both an installation and an instrument. The work explores what Sacré calls non-uniform compositions by providing visualizations determined by “changing rates determined by graphic collisions” that influence the rhythmic cycles. Overtime these rhythmic cycles, which are created by tensions in the visualizations, become synchronized and unsynchronized.









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