Looking Outwards-Nisha Kurani-1

by nkurani @ 6:22 am 12 January 2011

‘Reclame’ our Public Space is a collective art-work in Leiden.  This project was executed by Peter Curet, Nisaar Jagroep, Veneta ‘Andersen’ Vassileva, David Graus in an effort to reclame public space by allowing strangers to create a mural in the middle of a quad and letting them “Help Paint for Fun.”

This project inspires me to explore the realm of collaborative art through the use technology.  I feel that the people who created this project had a wonderful idea, and it should be explored further.

While this group allowed strangers to create the joint mural through painting on a paper canvas, this could also be achieved through the use of digital brushes on a giant screen.  By doing this, you open up the ability to interact with more people across the world.  The same mural could be edited and displayed in different countries.

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