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by Madeline Gannon @ 5:10 am 12 January 2011

Feathered Edge, by ball-nogues studio
Exhibited from July 26–November 15, 2009 at MOCA, LA

The Making of Feathered Edge from MOCA on Vimeo.

Twenty-one miles of twine where died, cut, positioned, then suspended to form ephemeral centenaries within the main gallery at the MOCA Pacific Design Center. Through the precise choreography of the CMYK twine, and by exploiting its natural tensile properties, Ball-Nogues Studio subverts one expectations on how a mass can occupy a void: the mass seemingly makes the void more volumnus.

The precision in the execution of Feathered Edges was made possible by the “Insta-llator 1 with the Variable-Information Atomizing Module.” The Insta-llator used 4 digitally controlled airbrushes to meticulously dye the twine, then cutting it at its appropriate length. What I most admire is that the architectural/design studio designed and manufactured the hardware and software themselves; the highly customized tools needed to make their vision a reality did not exist, however the group was not deterred. Since Feathered Edges and the Insta-llator in 2009, Ball-Nogues Studio has continued to push their work with this design-production workflow method, creating several other iterations of the project.

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