Madeline Gannon – LookingOutwards 2

by Madeline Gannon @ 5:37 am 12 January 2011

Topologies, by Quayola
Audiovisual Installation

British digital artist, Quayola, reexamines the iconic and iconographical compositions of the Prado’s “Las Meninas”, by Velazquez, and “L’ Immacolata Concezione”, Tiepolo. Quayola obliged by the compositional rules of the Baroque paintings and, by using the software he developed, created entirely new artifacts (Topologies) through their transformation.

I am attracted to this project for a variety of reasons, one of which is the elegance and beauty that I believe rivals that of the works’ original masters. Beyond this however, is the way in which Quayola looks through these archetypal pillars to find the form, dynamism, and expressionism that the Baroque masters could only dream about.

Reappropriation of “L’ Immacolata Concezione” by Tiepolo

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