Marynel Vázquez and Madeline Gannon | Interactive Projection Mapping

by Madeline Gannon @ 8:34 am 21 February 2011


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  1. Hi Marynel, Madeline! What a good start. Here are the comments from today’s crit.

    Good intro, to explain the problems faced. Nice control of the vertices. I would have liked to have gotten the initial idea (sun comes up when you open your hands) at the beginning. Are there any concept sketches?

    The code projected on to the blocks looks so awesome!

    Nice exploration of different images and things to project on the form. Well documented process and good explanation of all the steps you went through. The ability to change the model is very cool.

    right now its like a virtual sun, since you are changing the shadows

    I think it is a nice technical exercise, but Im curious how you can push it away from pablo valbuena (sp) — formally I was thinking the same thing …

    Patent this and sell it to Google to integrate in SketchUp.. just sayin’

    It’s lovely. Very very strong concept. I love it.

    Cool concept. It’d be cool if you had a background image that set an environment for the blocks to give it a setting.

    This is a totally sexy concept. I’m impressed that you’ve used MATLAB to do this and done the projection unfolding for real instead of hacking it together.

    Nice presentation, good visual storytelling.
    See augmented projections by Pablo Valbuena :) < < +1 Good tool development, nice report of discoveries (background color matters). I'd like to hear a discussion about the inter-face scattering of light and reflections. The consideration of the edges o the boxes, as a graph, calculated with Boost, and used as the tracks for animations, is important/interesting/novel. Yeah sometimes combining just two technologies in a seemingly easy way turns out to be quite a complex technical task. Not understading the graph -> 2D -> 3D jump and how the Kinect is involved in that. OK the demo helps.

    Beautiful resulting images. Very cool debugging mode.

    I liked that you showed some of the other projections you’ve experimented with. I feel like I came away from your presentation with a good understanding of your initial goal, your process, and the decisions that caused you to change course.

    Great experimentation into both the 3D and the 2D. Also, the limitation of 2D might make the code and interaction simpler and more accessible. Not all 3D manipulation is intuitive to interact with or code.

    Comment by Golan Levin — 23 February 2011 @ 12:32 pm

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