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by Shawn Sims @ 12:36 pm 23 February 2011

roboScan is a 3D modeler + scanner that uses a Kinect mounted on a ABB4400 robot arm. Motion planning and RAPID code are produced in Robot Studio and Robot Master. This code sends movement commands and positions to the robot as well as the 3D position of the camera. C++ and openFrameworks are used to plot the depth data of Kinect in digital 3D space to produce an accurate model of the environment.

This work was done by Shawn Sims and Karl Willis as the first project of the research group Interactive Robotic Fabrication. The facilities of the Digital Fabrication Lab in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon were used in the making of this project.

There were many technical hurdles along the way. We needed to “teach” the robot the coordinates of the Kinect IR camera in order to accurately move the perspective through 3D space. We also attempted to calibrate the Kinect. We successful did this but it is in fact hard to tell if it made a difference. All-in-all we learned a lot about the robot and about the difficulties of moving a camera around and still trying to extract continuous and accurate data.

Many thanks to dFab, Zach Ali, and Jeremy Ficca

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  1. Hi Shawn, here are comments from the crit.

    Really ambitious.

    excellent step by step build up demo. Can you actually get a mesh out of your finished points? Controlling the robot the other way would also be very very intriguing considering the level of precision you would need.

    Wow – final result is quite cool. Ambitious and largely successful, in spite of not being here for all of this week. Verrry nice.

    Man that RAPID code is something. Nice demo and photos. Impressive.

    i suppose you could manually align them if you export each as a single obj
    or dxf

    This is a loooot of work! I’d love to see it working :D

    It would be interesting to see some point averaging to soften the point cloud. Also, I’d like to know if this scan could happen really quickly for live subjects.

    Really, really cool looking point clouds. I want to hear about more applications for this. Got into more at the end, great.

    Wow. There were clearly a lot of factors to consider. Great job sorting through the dense robot data.

    I’m so impressed at what you managed to put together! Can’t wait to see where it leads.

    Cool stuff to come with this project. You should’ve explained who your partner was earlier. Good job capturing process to the point, that was key given that you don’t have the final piece put together yet.

    Good video as a start to let us know whats going on. What’s your goal on the long run? Good presentation.

    The presentation could use some energy & enthusiasm.

    Sweeeeet. Looks like a 3d print. You could do cool stuff if you did move while it was scanning you. Make realistic looking models of things that can’t exist in real life.

    who’s “we”?

    I like how it turned out. Good job.

    This is an interesting exploration. The resulting image looks pretty cool. I’d be curious to see what you do with this.

    Let’s get a video soon!

    Comment by Golan Levin — 23 February 2011 @ 12:38 pm

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