Madeline Gannon-Looking Outwards-6

by Madeline Gannon @ 7:43 pm 27 February 2011

Marcin Ignac Cindermedusae

Using procedural geometry, Marcin Ignac generatively develops a genus of sea creatures … A GUI controlled all the parameters for each creature, from head size, to tentacle number, to tentacle length, to animation, to shading, etc…


NY based architecture firm specializing in generative design and digital fabrication in furniture and temporary structures.

Nervous System

A design studio whose products are centered around a fluid workflow between digital design and fabrication. Many of their designs are accompanied by applets that allow the person buying the product to co-design with nervous system. Nervous System exploits the very best aspects of generative design and digital fabrication to allow customized products for each of their customers.

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