Caitlin Boyle :: Looking Outwards Generative

by Caitlin Boyle @ 12:20 am 28 February 2011

The Snail on the Slope is a generative animation inspired by a book by the same title.
The animation deals with a set of ‘humans’ trying to conquer a “forest” that fights back against them- it was made in Processing, and it’s actually quite beautiful. I love the faded aesthetic it begins to take on

Joshua Davis created Reflect

an iPhone app that allows the user to generate a kaledioscope image. The images do not move, which is a pity; I kind of wish it gave you an animation to watch after you pick your 10 shapes and 6 colors, but the stills are rewarding in their own way. It’s interesting to note that Davis creates images just like these as a part of his artistic practice, and in giving others the tools to follow in his footsteps, he both invites people into his creative process and stirs up all sorts of issues about ownership. Is every image generated with his tool his, even if others use it? Is the creator of the tool always the original creator? Questions, questions.

I know this was shown in class, but I absolutely adore the collective Nervous System. I would kill to be able to do something similar; turn algorithms from nature/everyday life into wearable/touchable objects. The jewelry especially does a wonderful job bringing the fragility of the original form along for the ride, but by turning it into a precious metal it transforms the intent of the object- and the function- and the meaning.




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