LeWei-LookingOutwards-Generative Art

by Le Wei @ 12:51 am 28 February 2011


Stanza is an artist who makes a lot of generative art from a variety of sources. This one is from his automaton series. I like this one the most out of his work because I feel that a lot of generative art looks really messy and unorganized despite all the rigorous math and computation that goes into him, but this series seems very crisp and like there is a clear structure behind it. In general, I like the use of color in his art, though this piece is not a prime example.



I can’t get a picture to upload, but here is a project created by this guy that just generates a bunch of bezier curves that look really elegant and smooth. Kind of mesmerizing to watch, although I wish there were some color variation.

Klaus Sutner

The Farey sequence and Ford circles.

Iterating riffle shuffle.

One of my professors really enjoys visualizations of complex theoretical computer science concepts. Admittedly, they aren’t the prettiest because his goal is more to show the pattern than to make a work of art. But they are very very technical, and it’s pretty impressive to see these abstract concepts described in images. He has a gallery of these images here.

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