Susan Lin — Generative, Sketch

by susanlin @ 4:08 pm 10 March 2011

I would like to commit to creating a game during this project. Specifically, I am thinking of a music game, one where the levels are generated by a user chosen file. The program would analyze things like frequency, amplitude, or pitch and then render them as enemies on a (x, y) coordinate grid. Possible variables include coordinate, color, size, and fuzziness. For simplicity’s sake, I’d probably start with just one of the properties.

If I get something good working, the next step would be to add some incentive to shooting down these enemies. I’m thinking that if the player allowed the enemy to grow, it would distort the song the program is playing.

Okay, so it’d might end up more as an artsy-ass shooter than a shooter game per say, but the bottom-line is that I’d like to make it work with any music file the user throws into the code and have it output something that makes sense :)

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