Project 4: Body Font – Mauricio Giraldo

by Mauricio @ 4:04 am 23 March 2011

Body Font is a body-based font generator using OpenFrameworks, OpenNI and the Kinect sensor.

mga bold
mga bold


mga outline
mga outline


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  1. Hi Mauricio – this project has a lot of promise. Nice documentation, too. Here are the comments from the crit. -GL

    The Kinect can also extract plain old silhouettes (without the skeleton). These silhouettes would also form nice letters, retaining even more of the ‘character’ of the creator.

    Fun to see. I think the ability to spit out a font at the end would be real treat.

    The collaborative space would be definitely be valuable to look at more.

    Really nice fun interaction. I like the pressure it puts on the user.

    This is a good project, it only needs a little more work to be quite attention-grabbing.
    Let’s see a real alphabet done with real people…
    Get vector output happening, and then… Poop out a real font!
    The true test of this is your ability to lay out a document with the typeface, to see its legibility.
    If you can make a program which is EXE(app)—>TTF, and post it online, you will seriously have a big winner.

    SUPER COOL! I’ll gladly test out the fonts for you. It would be worthwhile to have them saved and emailed.

    Too much fun! Like you mentioned, I think this is golden when two people are making the letters together. Like people mentioned in class, it really would be great if it made a font at the end, really drive home sort of “plug and play” – poop out a font, write funny illegible documents.

    Awesome! I love that this both feels like a game and has a really cool output that you could then use. I’m not sure that all of the letters end up being legible, but still, very fun idea! I like how you display the letter with the countdown. It might be fun if you started with some basic alphabet that then the person’s gestures would effect the base letters. Maybe this would give you a more legible alphabet in the end?

    This is really fun! Seems like skeletons get caught on eachother for some of the more complicated movements. If this could export the font as a ttf or something, it would be really wonderful.


    Agree with others that it is hard to connect what we are seeing and hearing with what is going on/ what it is visualizing. Cool concept for a live performance though.


    Great concept, I like Ben’s idea of syncing the video and the video. +2!

    This is a really interesting concept, I’m interested in finding out what percussion instruments will be matched to what events. Analysis on what sequences of events happen more often would be interesting as well.

    Very very cute. Can you actually type with them afterwards? That would definitely make it.

    This is pretty hysterical. Find out how to make it a real font, it would be unusable, but a fun thing to have. I really like the idea of having it suspended from the ceiling, but that does put a damper on the flailing-around-on-one-leg-ness of the current iteration (which is on one hand, silly and fun, but on the other hand, adding to the difficultly of creating the letters.)

    Every class should start with golan making letters, I’m picturing him in a highschool cheerleading squad at this point

    I don’t think I could do ittt. Nice idea, awesome interactivity. Make two people do it together, excellent icebreaker. < (Oh, you just got to this.) Nice timer. This is really fun! For the purpose of the app, I feel like there is something missing so that people can actually model a useful font. I kind of want you two put the letters in the small box, and the human body in the main screen. The circles don't really work for a font. How about Bezier curves? Real fonts dont really have large circles. It would be truly amazing and interesting if you could get a reasonable font out of this. Email me my font! Text files -> Postscript format -> do something. Can you invent interactions for a single person to control.

    The big question is: can you save it to a .ttf and type with it?

    I really want this!! if you get this working as a actual font you could do some really interesting design from it. :D

    Comment by Golan Levin — 23 March 2011 @ 6:51 pm

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