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by Alex Wolfe @ 4:05 pm 27 March 2011

Generative Knitting

So there hasn’t been much precedence for this, since contemporary knitting machines are ungodly expensive, and the older ones, generally the brother models, that people have at home are so unwieldy that changing stitches is more of a pain to do this way than by hand. But if I can figure out someway to make it work out, I think knitting has ridiculous potential for generative/algorithmic garment making. Since it is possible to create intense volume/pattern in one seamless piece of fabric, simply though a mathematical output of pattern. It would be excellent just to be able to “print” these creations on the spot, and do more than just fair isle.

I sent off a couple emails to hackpgh, but I’ll try to stop by their actual office today or tomorrow and just ask them in person if I can borrow/use their machine

here’s an example of a pattern generator based off of fractals and other mathy things

how to create knitting patterns that focus purely on texture

Perl script to Cellular Automaton knitting

Here’s a pretty well known knitting machine hack, for printing out images in fair-isle. This is awesome, but I was hoping to be able to play more with volume and texture than color

Computational Crochet

Sonya Baumel crocheted these crazy gloves based off of bacteria placement on the skin

User Interactive Particles

I also really enjoyed the work we did for the kinect project, and would be interested in pursuing more complicated user generated forms. These two short films by FIELD design are particularly lovely


Generative Jewelry

I also would be interested in continuing my work with project 4. I guess not really continuing, since I want to abandon flocking entirely and focus on getting the snakes or a different generative system up and running to create the meshes to make some more aesthetically pleasing forms. Asides from snakes, I want to look into Voronoi, like the butterflies on the barbarian blog.


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