Timothy Sherman – Final Project – Looking Outwards

by Timothy Sherman @ 11:46 pm 27 March 2011

For my final project, I’m currently thinking I want to adapt the dynamic landscape with kinect I made with Paul Miller for the 2nd project, and probably create some sort of game on top of it.

Recompose is a kinect project developed by the MIT media lab. It uses the depth camera, mounted above a table, to do gesture recognition on the users hands in order to control a pin-based surface on the table. I think this is interesting because it’s almost a reversal of the work Paul and I did, which I’d like to expand – modifying something physical rather than something virtual. These type of gestures might also be good to incorporate into a game to give the user more control.

Not quite a project, but something I’ll be looking over is this Guide to Meshes in Cinder. OpenFrameworks has no built-in mesh tools, so if Cinder has something to make the process easier, I may consider porting the code over in order to save myself some trouble.

This project, Dynamic Terrain, is another interesting reversal of our project. This work totally reverse things, modifying physical through virtual rather than modifying virtual through physical.

These aren’t new, but I’m trying to find more info on Reactables, as one of the directions I could go in would be incorporating special objects into the terrain generator that represent certain features or can make other modifications. A project like this can help guide me in how to think about relating these objects to each other, and what variety and diversity of functions they might have.

Finally, I found this article on Terrain reasoning of AI. I’m thinking of a game where the player must guide or interact with groups of tiny creatures or people by modifying their landscape, so the information and ideas here could be extremely useful.

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