madMeshMaker :: final update

by Madeline Gannon @ 5:45 am 25 April 2011


closed mesh for 3dPrinting

trouble with face normals

flip milling!

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  1. Comments from the Crit 4/25:

    The best projects make modest but steady progress. Good incremental update.
    MeshLab is pretty good for debugging normals. Checkit.
    Whoa, I don’t like how the mesh tears when you apply too much pressure. Why are those holes there?
    I’ve had the light issue before. You just need to turn off glLighting before drawing the control panel. You should ask Golan—he knows this stuff well.
    Ah good job using that controls library + peasy cam. Looks very good/intuitive.
    It’s awesome!
    this = teh hawtsauce, gr8 work
    mudbox and zbrush

    Looks awesome. Seems like a very rewarding project.

    Comment by Golan Levin — 1 May 2011 @ 11:44 am

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