Project 3- Flocking Lights

by blase @ 10:35 am 21 February 2012

For the generative project, I’m going to use a flocking algorithm to generatively change the colors on a strand of lights. Imagine a strand of 25 LED lights, where each light’s color is individually controllable. Now, to decide the color of each light, imagine a flock of 25 birds in which each bird is mapped to a light. This flock of birds is flying over either a color rectangle or a color wheel, as below, and the color under the bird specifies the color of its corresponding light:


I’m planning to use these lights, which I have already but haven’t had the chance to mess around with:
Adafruit Lights


I’m deciding whether to give Processing one more chance to prove itself, or to use Javascript/HTML5. If I use Processing, I will use:

* This flocking library by Daniel Shiffman, implementing Craig Reynold’s Boids: Flocking Library

*Perhaps this HSB color wheel: Processing HSB Color Wheel

If I use HTML5/Javascript, I’m debating using WebSockets for communication, implementing my own flocking algorithm (using HTML5 Canvas to draw), and cannibalizing this color picker code: JS Color Picker

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