Luke Loeffler – Project 3 – Photoshop Plugin

by luke @ 9:10 am 28 February 2012

I used this generative assignment as a chance to execute an idea I’ve had on my mind for a year or so now: creating a photoshop plugin to do some physical simulations… physically. The plugin sends the image to another computer, displays it on the screen, generates a physical effect, snaps a photo, and sends it back. The three filters are ripples, perspective skew, and fog.

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    +1 for unicorns.
    Great Idea. I like the way you took the effort to add natural setting to modify the pictures. A great art piece.
    great motivation, the video could use a little more explanation .. not in a textual sense, but maybe just that it’s a photoshop plugin you wrote … and the rest is explanatory

    might I suggest a Scott Andrew / Jonathon Armistead glitter/sparkle filter

    might I also suggest a title: Physical Photoshop Plugin, Pipeline, etc?

    I don’t know what else to say other than that is hilarious and great. After all the work people put in to trying to simulate these effects programmatically in Photoshop, you created a simple and elegant way to generate these effects.

    this is awesome, i want to see it for all the filters, very cool “making things we don’t think about all of the time literal in a physical way”

    This is a really cool idea and the integration with photoshop is perfect. It’s a digital Rube Goldberg machine, in a way. I saw a project similar to this which used the analog-digital loop to degrade the image (I don’t remember the name), but I’ve never seen anything the used the analog-digital loop for enhancement.

    Ah Awesome! Its actually really nice how limited the effects are as a pluggin. For me it references our future of chinese manufacturing system. Specifically this new concept of chinese painting factories. Where companies are desperate to sell you whatever you need.

    Imagine the future scale of how these intimate small alterations could be made on the fly.

    reference: The Silophone project, also you are in Jesse territory here, the analog filter in the digital process, etc

    connect to mechanical turk?


    The unicorns was a nice touch. keep’em coming. I think once you clean up the documentation video, it’ll be viral in an instant.

    such an awesome project & idea. I loved the water effect and wonder if you can add other effects that have color maybe.

    Also tired of code – A Fellow Coder <3
    "Really trying to get away from code" "Writes networked photoshop plugin"

    Super cool, I like the idea of people all over the world using the equipment in your room to apply filters to their pictures.

    Awesome Foggy Mystical Unicorns = Winner of the day+1+1+1

    Eminently bloggable Yeah this could go frontpage like everywhere

    Here's the silo reverb reference :

    What on earth is going on in your head?

    Massive clusters of supercomputers devoted to rendering Lens Flares!

    Awesome project! I especially like the fog filter on the unicorn!! I wanna see more of the foggy versions.

    wow. that’s some crazy technology with all that roundtripping. really great idea. would love to explore this more with other photos!

    Cool idea, confusingly presented. Once clarified and re-edited, will be very awesome.

    Title Suggestions:
    Physical Photoshop
    Physical Filters: A Photoshop Plugin by Luke
    Physical Editing
    Distributed Phhotoshop
    Mechanical Photoshop Plugin
    2 Week Beachballs and Other Musings


    cool! this is really interesting… physically manipulating computer images.
    hahha the fog one is funny

    This is insane. It takes the idea of a plugin and comletely turns it on its head. The idea that pressing some “wave” button causes something to make physical waves is fantastic – it feels like a statement on our appreciation and understanding of computation. Awesome job!
    *So great


    Holy shit.

    Wow! Great stuff.

    HOLY FUCK. This should be on gizmodo within a week.



    Comment by dan — 28 February 2012 @ 8:06 pm

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