Blase- Project 4- They Might Be Giants

by blase @ 7:08 am 27 March 2012

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  1. This is awesome. Very creative project.
    Really novel use of the sensors! Relating light to sound in a way that builds a world is great, a lot more interesting than a basic synesthetic type of project that would be more direct.
    Such a fun idea. Makes so much sense in the context of the audience, although I know I’d have fun with playing with it, too. I can totally imagine installing that kind of thing into a costume or something.
    +1 this looks like a lot of fun to play with, nice job! :)
    This is fun!!!
    cute, you should definitely finish it with an interactive costume when you have time

    Glad you decided to dig into personally unfamiliar technologies — MaxMSP, interactive sound
    SUPER FUN IDEA. Love the boomy sound
    This great! The sound effects are quite well done. What is great is that you have done just enough, just a taste that our imaginations have taken it away. Plus your emotive presentation definitely added as well!
    Great job! Such a fun project.
    Great idea of the parallel storytelling! +1 +1+1+1
    Interesting for kids with social problems, sometimes they can explain what’s happening through role playing. This could make that role playing less of a ‘culture-in-a-petri-dish’ feeling.
    Hulk hands/feet! They sell them at toys R us, you should definitely hook them up+1
    Yeah! Make a real toy! 5-Year olds probably shouldn’t be carrying around an arduino
    This is pretty awesome! I like the effect of sounds combined with simple sensors and awesome storytelling!+1
    I had no idea where you were going at the beginning, but now that you’re playing the sounds, it all makes sense. Fun!
    The force sensor “stomp” is great.

    Great noises. It is always surprising to me how much life sound lends to a virtual world. I think the fact that you focused on creating the world strictly through sound is amazing. I think giving a child control over the physical inputs would produce a really fun video.
    Awesome. Would be nice to have a state between crickets and growling. For a short term interaction this is great. If you’d want to play to last for longer periods, the contant sound levels should have growling that is not incessant, perhaps triggerable, or thresholdable to keep it from getting annoying. Would also be funny to make an adult version on headphones, so you could go about your normal life being a superhero in your head, without freaking out the strangers around you… Personally, I always wanted a life with more sound effects.
    Nice! I love the supernatural feel of this, augmenting reality with sound. Great technical work with the sensors and hardware hacking, i’m floored.
    WOW. love your voice effects! what a fun project.

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