Xing Xu-Project4-pingpong game using QR code

by xing @ 1:11 am 27 March 2012

This is a very simple project using QR code(zxing) in Processing. The zxing library is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java, with ports to other languages. It is at here:

It is a pingpong game. which is very easy to be understood how to play. I am thinking that, in the future, I could make it a multi-player game, and/or add more visual and sound effects, and/or change the interaction of the game design a little bit. For example, the path of the ball maynot be in a striaght line, the shape of the “ball” becomes a rectangle……..


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  1. I think Kinect might be a better source of information for this interaction.
    The idea of virtual pingpong with your friends is very cool (it reminds of the virtual skeeball gag from the first season of Futurama). I would love to see this in 3D where you don’t have to face the computer with a QR code. What if you’d pasted the QR codes onto actual paddles and then mounted several cheap webcams around the room to capture the QR code at different angles.
    I think I would want some feedback IRL when the ball hits my physical paddle, kind of awkward to look at the screen while moving the QR code in the real world. Nice concept of control though.
    Thie idea of interactive pingpong is good. I like how ball goes faster as you score more. The game could be applied easily.
    I think you have to more than just PONG …. maybe using your head instead of the QR sticker would be more engaging, and having more than one person would make for interesting ducking-kneeling interactions !!!
    i like the idea a lot but the video confused me at first. You standing in the middle of the screen seemed a bit confusing snce you were manipulating the rightpaddle.
    Make it pretty? Would be great to think through the context for gameplay, many games think through settings that make the gameplay more significant, adding a story. Maybe think about mixed reality environments blending the real with the imagined, like Kelsey did with her star magician project.

    Star, no matter how you feel about your project, don’t put yourself on the defense first thing in a presentation. Talk about was IS working. Otherwise it’s hard for us to think about it critically.
    +1 Exactly! +1+1
    Ping-pong using QR code (zxing) in Processing. Perhaps the problem for me is, the dislocation between the QR code (in the center of the screen) and the paddle (at the right edge of the screen). Also, there’s stuff in the QR code you’re not using (orientation, ID). Is it really the right tool for the job? What about just a bright LED?
    At last! Pong for the modern era.
    I also have to agree with Golan. If the QR code was the bar that would be a much better connection to the action

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