Possibel deas for final project-Xing XU

by xing @ 7:01 pm 2 April 2012

Real time FIFA12

FIFA 12 (titled FIFA Soccer 12 in North America) is the nineteenth game in Electronic ArtsFIFA series of association football video games. When playing the game, you control the soccer players in the game by the use of controller or keyboard.

I am thinking about using the controller to control actually player in the field.  You can control the actual player in the filed by the direction and movements. The player may be wearing some kinds of devices that could get the signal from the player’s controller as the order.


Augmented reality adventure game

This idea is inspirited by Jonathan’s project 4:


I am thinking about using more AR tools like Barcode and reActivision maker to build the virtual world. And I am considering about putting some storytelling and element of complex interaction into it.

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