Kaushal Agrawal | Final Project Idea

by kaushal @ 8:06 am 3 April 2012

The idea of the project is to enable a person to click a photograph anywhere, anytime without requiring the user to pull out his mobile phone or the camera.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrtANPtnhyg; width=600; height=auto]

The Inspiration
I saw this idea long back in the concept video called the “Sixth Sense”. Essentially how it was publicized to work is that a person has a camera+projector hanging around the neck. The person has radio-reflective material tied to their fingers. They make a gesture for a rectangle, casting a camera frame. The device around the neck senses the gesture and clicks a photo.

1. The camera/projector that senses the gesture is around the neck, even if we assume that it readjusts itself to get the proper perspective, it is still unclear to the user.
2. It needs strapping of radio-reflective material on the fingers, which is a good concept, but realistically no one wants to do that.

1. Use glasses with a camera instead of the camera+projector assembly hanging around the neck.
2. Leverage mobile phones for computation and storage of photos
3. Using OpenCV create a classifier for the gesture that triggers the photo click.

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