28 Dec 2012

Greetings IACD Spring 2013. My name is Andy Biar; I’m a junior in the BCSA program studying Computer Science and Music Technology. I drool over the possibilities of other people using my software, and I’m fascinated by creative applications that music can provide. I also play the cello, so if you’re ever in need of a cellist hit me up!

Most of my projects have been group projects, but I do have one solo project which I consider to be of some merit, a small point-and-click game called Autumn Skyline. Based on the title, you may expect to see some beautiful autumn trees, but instead the game opens up to a scene of skyscrapers with autumn-colored windows: (Although this is not the opening scene exactly)…


In Autumn Skyline, the player watches as a city is built from the ground up, and is then set with the task of destroying the city by a series of tasks. The text which accompanies the most dramatic decision in the game is a Picasso quote, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” When the player finally destroys the city, a tree grows up out of the rubble, leaving the player to question their role as destroyer when only through destruction could natural flora be again created in the city.

Autumn Skyline is live on my website here (requires Flash):