23 Jan 2013

ofxGameCamera : This is something I remembered seeing during my time working at the Studio over the summer. While not particularly mindblowing, I think it’s good to have a general set of workhorse libraries – this might be one of them. I can imagine using it in a project requiring intuitive navigation of three-dimensional space. Such as one I might make with…

ofxFern : Yes, this is nothing new, considering Golan showed us the work by Camille Scherrer, le Monde des MontaignesBut I’ve noticed that most of what is generated from these images, though placed within three-dimensional space, is decidedly two-dimensional in and of itself. I would love to use Fern tracking to create miniature spaces generated from simple pictures, navigable using the FPS camera. Each might contain a small segment of a larger story (I am still playing with this, obviously). Perhaps this is infeasible, but I feel it might be a worthwhile experiment.

ofxTwitter : I once swore to myself that I would not mess with Twitter through code, but perhaps those days have finally passed. I have an idea for a project that involves automatically reading through the tweets of a user, noting things like frequency of tweets, word usage, and so forth, and from that data generate a song – a sort of aural atmosphere that defines the user’s social activity. I might then send that song to the user in question, or perhaps instead do a Tweet-concert as a performance using such songs. I like the idea of removing words, the essential units of our social networking, from the equation.