06 Mar 2013

So, Caroline and I have decided to collaborate on a project together.

A few inspirations and references we hope to draw from for this:

  • Here is an awesome article about how virtual reality does and does not create presence.
  • Virtual presence through a map interface.  Click
  • making sense of maps. Click
  • Obsessively documenting where you are and what you are doing. Surveillance. Click
  • Gandhi in second life. click.
  • Camille Utterback’s Liquid Time.
  • Love of listening to other people’s stories. click
  • Archiving virtual worlds

A few artistic photographs of decayed places:

Our thoughts concerning all this surrounded Carnegie Mellon and “making your mark”. People really just past through places, and there is a kind of nostalgia in the observance of that fact. Furthermore, what “scrubs” places of our presence is just other people. There is a fantastic efficiency in the way human beings repurpose/re-experience space so that it becomes personalized for them. We conceived our project as having people give monologues and stories that can be represented geographically, using Google maps. Their act of retelling would also be a retracing of their route.

Some technically helpful links:


Here is a video sketch I did of me “walking” through a little personal story of my car incident on Google maps. This example video I made is of really crappy quality, so I apologize in advance. I was making it in kind of a rush and didn’t have time to figure out proper compression. I will upload a better version later.


Sequence 01 from Andrew Bueno on Vimeo.