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I majored in Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven in the Netherlands focusing on designing interactive and intelligent products/systems. Currently, I'm studying Entertainment Technology at CMU where I’m focusing on designing (serious) games and exploring new areas for interactive simulations. I’m a person who loves to get involved in multidisciplinary fields, and I'm very curious about the future of interaction and game design.



Twitter: @BlueSpiritbox

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ElwinLee-LookingOutwards-InformationVisualization 30 Jan 2013
P1_TextRain-ElwinLee 28 Jan 2013
ElwinLee-LookingOutwards-3 23 Jan 2013
ElwinLee-LookingOutwards-2 21 Jan 2013
ElwinLee-LookingOutwards-1 16 Jan 2013
Hoi 13 Jan 2013