28 Jan 2013

My original idea for a sifteo app was a game where each cube would display a word belonging to a different part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc). You’d have some amount of time to piece the cubes together in a logical sentence, before they would all switch to some other word/part-of-speech, and you’d have to begin from scratch.

Turns out this sifteo SDK was a lot harder to understand than I hoped it would be. Given that this is my first week ever looking at C++, much less a an undocumented offshoot of it, I had to adjust my goals significantly. (Thanks, Golan, for your help in understanding what I was working with!)

This version takes the original sensors demo and modifies the “shake” detection (through acceleration sensing) so that a random word will be displayed on each cube when you meddle with it. You can arrange the words to form (hopefully) amusing sentences. The name of the app comes from some somewhat taboo ‘dice’ you might have seen at a party sometime in your existence. There is nothing very taboo about this app.

If I were to take this project forward, I would like to be able to load background images or background colors into each cube, depending on the part of speech displayed. I was having a hard time with it this time around, I eventually came to realize, because I’m currently using bg0_ROM mode to create the text, and .png background assets weren’t playing very nice with that mode. Given more time, I would re-write the whole thing so that I was working in a different draw mode, and the displayed text was done using png files.

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