20 Jan 2013

The V Motion Project

It’s an interesting project about interesting music and not-so-interesting (even classical) gestural input.

The project uses kinect, and that part is pretty standard. However, the fact that it uses it live, to perform in front of an audience got my attention. First of all it’s a street art, he is (or they’re) performing on the street, by triggering notes with his arms. The interface and the performer, together makes the whole experience like a music video. Interactiveness is so good, that it pretty much allows the performer to do anything he wants with the song. (If only it’s not a smart, planned, deceiving video)



Frost, is a really different reactive scenography. I liked the way it represents its name very well, with the cold colors and choreography. The stage reacts purposely slow, but well to the dancers. They used 3 diffused infrared lights, and 3 cameras with ir pass filters coupled with a bright projector. I think they expressed the idea on stage very well. In addition to the 40 minute awesomeness, their source code is also available online, with a note that says : “It’s messy, it’s the first time we did something in cocoa and obj-c, but it’s there.”



It’s an interactive multi-touch sound visualization controller, made for the band Mathon. It’s for live events, and it looks like traveling at the speed of light. The controller’s UI looks incredibly organic for a sound visualizer. It gives the sound a TRON-esque look. Sounds are partly electronic, partly sampled, and I think the half user controlled, half computer generated approach totally complies with the half electronic half sampled sounds.