06 Mar 2013

Inspiration/ References:

  • Here is an awesome article about how virtual reality does and does not create presence.
  • Virtual presence through a map interface.  Click
  • making sense of maps. Click
  • Obsessively documenting where you are and what you are doing. Surveillance. Click
  • Gandhi in second life. click.
  • Camille Utterback’s Liquid Time.
    • (Bueno) Ah, could you imagine what it would be like to have a video recording spanning years?
  • Love of listening to other people’s stories. click
  • (Bueno) Archiving virtual worlds


  • carnegie Mellon and “making your mark”. People really just past through places and I think there is a kind of nostalgia in that.
    • (Bueno) I think an addendum to that thought is that what “scrubs” places of our presence really is just other people. Sure, nature reclaims everything eventually but there is a fantastic efficiency in the way human beings repurpose/re-experience space.

  • artistic photos of old places

Technically Helpful:


Sound scrubbing library for processing.