23 Jan 2013



SInce its induction the Kinect has opened up doors in alternative interfaces – interfaces that no longer┬áconstrain┬áthe user in any way. The power of vision-based interfaces can be leveraged in an openFrameworks application using this addon. This addon can be used to let users interact with a screen using hand motions. A simple example of what this can do is would be letting users “splash” at a pool of water that is on screen.


This plugin lets users manipulate font color, size, and other typographic properties. The power of this plugin can be seen in works that use kinetic typography when typographic properties are used in conjuncture with sound and other animations to communicate in a different way. I always found kinetic typography as entertaining but difficult to make well- something like this plugin would make the process a lot smoother.


This one doesn’t have the best documentation, so I would be wary before using it. From my understanding, this plugin lets an openFrameworks piece function as a NodeJS server. I have used Node in the past and know that is a powerful way to create modern web applications. Something using this plugin would have access to any components or sensors available and be able to use data from these to directly configure the way the server behaves (say what HTML files the user sees as a means for personalization).