28 Jan 2013

buddha_big Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.34.29 AM


I wanted to capture the essence of the passage of Nirvana in a clean elegant way. There is nothing   I find more annoying, absorbing, and distracting than a loading bar – a curse of modern technology. You know that feeling when you have that smidgen of a bar left, but you can’t get to the end? That is one of many emotions that you have to throw away on your passage to freedom.

I used ofxProgressBar to create the loading bar. I used ofxTimer to interval the “Give up” voice which was synthesized using ofxSpeech.

void testApp::setup(){
value = 0;
max = 8000;
progressBar = ofxProgressBar(10, 10, 500, 20, &value, &max);
go = true;

timer.setup(10000, true);


void testApp::update(){

//you can never really get to the end from this application
if(go && value < = max){ value += 50; max += 51; } //Every 5 seconds encourage the user to give up his quest if(timer.getTimeLeftInMillis() < 5000){ synthesizer.speakPhrase("Give up"); } }