28 Jan 2013

Being a citizen of the Internet is no fun if you don’t look like one. BUT NOW YOU CAN!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.21.04 AM

Introducing TrollFaceOSC. TrollFaceOSC checks how wide you are smiling, how raised your eyebrows are, and even if you are mad. Given these values, a mapping is made to the appropriate face (At the moment there are 4 (and to be counting)).

So fairly basic stuff as far as programming goes. A lot of the code was inspired by the Processing example given by Dan (FaceOSCSmiley I believe). After I got the basics coded,  I spent some time calibrating it to my face, and then voila.

In the future I hope to add more faces, and make the app more general. Imagine – you can take any youtube video and add a troll face to it! SUPER PRODUCTIVE!