13 Jan 2013

My name is Elwin Lee, from the Netherlands, and I’m currently a 2nd year master student at the Entertainment Technology department. I have a background in Industrial Design and I’m very interested in designing games and interactive products/systems.

Website: http://www.elwinlee.com/
Twitter: @BlueSpiritbox
Github: https://github.com/BlueSpiritbox

Space Invaders on 8×8 LED Matrix
Last year I took the class Gadgets, Sensors and Activity Recognition at the HCI department given by Scott Hudson. The first project was to design an game for an 8×8 LED Matrix display using an Arduino. I thought it would be interesting to create a mini-sized Space Invaders game for the LED display. To build the game, I used an Arduino Nano, a potentiometer for moving left and right, a button to fire missiles, and a piezo speaker for some very basic sound effects.

The game consists of 3 levels, each level increasing in difficulty¬†(static enemies; moving enemies; boss fight). There’s a win and lose state condition, missile firing mechanism with collision detection, and the enemies move in a pre-determined pattern and will fire at you randomly.