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Who is Alan

I am a 1st year master in eBiz with CS and law in my undergraduate. Although as a programmer mostly with J2EE, Rails and Android, I am also a TEDx curator, an Irish step dancer, a traveller and a hobbyist photographer. I am relatively new to interactive design. Anything learned from you will be my big step.

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What Alan Did

#### TEDxFDU.com (solo) with Rails and Bootstrap (Server transferring recently). Designed for TEDxFDU


#### Price Comparator Android app for eBay Innovative Competition. (Collaborator: Di Lu, Xiqing Chu, Yanyi Zhu). We gamify the shopping process and optimizing shopping experience. Unfortunately, I lost those doc files and we didn’t upload the demo to public repository. I share the source code below:


A lot of my works slipped away when I lost my old PC. I learned a good lesson to show my portfolio and always use Git and Github to manage my works.


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About Alan

Web and mobile developer / Life Traveller / Hobbyist Photographer / TEDx curator 1st year master @eBiz in CMU. Before that, studying software engineering and laws in China. Programmer mostly with J2EE, Rails and Android Design. Traveller to where amazing happens and photographer @Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/chinesecold/ TEDx curator, http://www.ted.com/profiles/982048