20 Jan 2013

Okay three projects:

Forms by Memo Akten:

This is just really cool. Akten is using footage of athletes from the Commonwealth games to produce large scale interactive video pieces. I really like how abstracted the final products are while maintaining the dynamism of the original footage/human performance. While it’s hard to discern the exact nature of interactive control from the video below, I like how simple the interaction appears to be.

Pennant by Steve Varga (puchased by Topps)

Pennant was originally a Masters project at SVA’s Design and Technology Program. I really like it because it feels designed to meet needs as opposed to being just a pure technology demo. At some point, Topps (the baseball card company) bought Pennant and now maintains it on the App Store.

Fabricate Yourself

This project is not massively impressive from a technical standpoint, but very cool considering the potential end user applications of chaining together depth cameras with 3D printers. In the video above, such a system is used to create 3D photo booth style relief prints. The prints are cleverly designed to act as puzzle pieces, encouraging users to create several prints. In a few years, it’d be easy to imagine such a setup encapsulated at a bar or party or wherever you might find a more traditional photo booth today.