21 Jan 2013


Is anything less sexy than a mySQL database? Probably not. However, I’ve got tons of the damn things though storing data from 20-30 websites I’ve developed in the last few years. They’re sort of a goldmine for things like text, image URLs, and other resources. I’m not totally sure what I could do by stripping them out into OF, but certainly large data visualizations of pervious work is one very enticing possibility.


Coming from scripting/flash world, the idea of accurate timers is extremely enticing. A problem I’ve had with both flash and js based timing solutions is their utter craptacularity due to their rather high-level implementation. Timing in processing is also pretty impossible because all changes happen through void draw() meaning you’re limited to graphical updates to fire timed events. This means you’ve got very little fine grained control over (in particular) audio events. Looking forward to playing with this one.


I took an HCI class last semester (Software Structures for User Interfaces) and I came to love state machines as a very minimal MVC-style abstraction. Basically, they let you separate views from logic really easily and tend to simplify implementation of finite state control systems. They’re especially helpful for implementing custom UI elements.