06 Mar 2013

Fuck You Asshole

Okay, Terminator is not really a piece of art utilizing computer vision, but I still think it’s relevant because film was/is one of the primary vectors through which people think about machines that see/comprehend/respond to their environments. The seminal machine here is probably HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but Terminators 1 & 2, Robocop and others are heavy hitters in the collective consciousness vis-a-vis computer vision.  Basically, everything I know about computers and the millenium I learned from Hollywood.

Computer Vision for Personal Defense


Okay, again not art really, but nevertheless relevant to the discussion. The above video provides a demo about an automated water gun built with OpenCV and Python. What are the implications of technologies wrt the wholesale slaughter of humans by machines. First they came for the squirrels and I didn’t speak…

Minecraft Hack w/ Kinect 

Because awesome, that’s why.