30 Mar 2013

For my 2nd to last project, I built a somewhat crude drawing application using Synapse, a Kinect and OpenFrameworks. For my final project, I Intend to expand on this tool too make it (a) better and (b) more kick ass. I’m still piecing together the interaction and implementation details, but for now, here’s some nice prior art.

One thought on “Looking Outward: Final Project

  1. Joshua

    These are pretty neat. Especially the first one. This seems like a wonderful area to expand. How will it be more kick ass specifically? Is the main idea to make an environment where it is fun to draw images?
    I wonder if this sort of stuff could be used to make 3d modeling more fun. Like I imagine one could draw a bunch of cross-sections or profiles at various z depths and then loft them to make shapes. I dunno if thats where you want this to go though (plus it would probably be a pain), just a thought.

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