08 Apr 2013

For my capstone project, I’m continuing to build on the kinect-based drawing system i built for p3. My previous project was, for all intents and purposes, a technical demo which helped me to better understand several technologies including the Kinect’s depth camera, OSC, and OpenFrameworks. While I definitely got a lot out of the project WRT the general structures of these systems, my final piece lacked an artistic angle. Further, as Golan pointed out in class, I didn’t make particularly robust use of gestural controls in determining the context of my drawing environment. In the interceding week, I’ve been trying to better understand the relation between the 3d meshes I’ve been able to pull of the Kinect using synapse and the flow/feel of the space of the application window. Two projects have served as particular inspiration.


Bloom by Brian Eno is a REALLY early iOS app. What’s compelling here is the looping system which reperforms simple touch/gestural operations. This sort of looping playback affords are really nice method of storing and recontextualizing previous action w/in a series.

Inkscapes is a recent project out of ITP using OF and iPads to create large-scale drawings. Relevant here is the framing of the drawn elements within a generative system. The interplay between the user and system generated elements provides both depth and serendipity to the piece.