13 Jan 2013

My name is Keqin Dou. I’m from China. I’m the first year MTID student. My undergraduate background is computer science. I want to make cool things to help people’s life or influence people. It’s a long road for me to learn and make.

Here are my Twitter and Github links.

Twitter: @doukoooo



This is my first tangible user interface research project. It’s a tangible storytelling system for children. Story-Cube is a storytelling system which has good benefits for the improvement of children’s language, cognitive and social abilities. Many tangible storytelling systems have been developed in the past few years. We proposed a storytelling system that integrate tangbile user interface into the software.

This is the video


Wall-f is a Facebook Robot. I used Facebook API to update status on your Robot page. People always express their emotion by things around. And different action usually represents different emotion. So when you’re very angry today and sit in the front of the computer. When you see your robot, you may hit it heavily. And then the Robot will update a status which is “Master is angry, I must careful about what I say.” After a period time, you will check the robot page and see your mood in this period of time. Then you can make some changes on it.