22 Jan 2013


Simple beat tracking with openFrameworks. May be we can interact with the sound. Different beat sound represents the different order to the computer system. Maybe we can also integrated other addons such as some motion track, we can make a more complicated environment for users to interact with.


Kinect addon for re-programable gesture tracking


Classic and simple blobTracker implementation used on CCV ( Created by Ramsin Khoshabeh ) + Finger Tracking


ASM face tracking addon based on Jason Saragih’s FaceTracker.

These three addons above are all about tracking and computer vision. I think they are interesting and I always think to interact with “air” maybe. Just stand their, without anything you can control the digital devices. But this will be easy if computer can see you and know your action or motion, even your expression on the face. I can use my emotion to control the digital device. This is also a very good idea I think.


This is a physical engine add-on. Box2d is a famous open source physical engine under c++. I think this can help me to make a very real interaction world and with gravity some performance will be cool and interesting.