28 Jan 2013

This is a small game prototype. I use three block to display different numbers. User’s goal is to use the numbers on cube 0 and 1’s summation to equal to the number on cube 3. And the summation of cube 0 and 1 will appear on the right cube when they are combined. For example, the cube 0’s number is 2 and cube 1 is 3. And use the 0’s right side to touch the left side of cube 1. The number on cube 1 becomes 5. And touch again the number will become 7. But now the cube 1’s number becomes 7. It means you cannot get 5 again. And if the 3’s number is 5. You will lose the game. But you make 5 with cube 0 and 1. You can touch 3 and you will win. But now I don’t have a algorithm to generate a bunch of hard problem. It needs more time.

Here’s code link: