01 Apr 2013

I just found that current cv or kinect system cannot give user real feeling or real feedback.

So I think I want to make some real thing that can give some feedback to users when they

interact with the cv or kinect system.

This is a robot hand controlled by a kind of material called SMA wires. I think I will use something like this to give people feedback on their hand.


And one more project about this.

And this is one haptic way to give feedback to user when they interact with the cv or kinect system.

One thought on “looking outwards capstone project

  1. Joshua

    Agh sorry im late. These are neat projects. So what specifically is your idea? The feedback is in a glove of some sort with nitinol wires (common shape memory alloy), but what is the feedback from? It sounds like the glove would exert forces on your fingers, so maybe if the user grabbed a virtual object?

    I have worked a little bit with SMA and there are a few issues:1) it gets hot 2) It contracts a small amount of its total length, so if you want to move something large distances you need a really long wire (as in the first video, which also had a pretty elaborate water-cooling system for the sma’s). One way around this is annealing the wire in a helix (spring) shape. This is fine but adds a lot of work. SMA’s are awesome because they have high weight to force ratio (but low power) and are silent. However I would be prepared to be frustrated with SMA’s.

    Servos could definitely work fine, even the really tiny ones. They would be a little noisy but I think it would be easier to implement in a month. Good luck!

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