09 Apr 2013

Now there are many Kinect or Computer Vision systems. However, these two systems have a very virtual experience. I think I’m going to give some real feeling experience to the user who uses these systems.

Also there are some feedback thing for Kinect/CV system. such as haptic phantom here is a video:


But I think it is a little limited for users. They must hold a pen to feel virtual things in the virtual world. So I am thinking to make a more natural feed back for them. The basic idea is to make a wearable device on the back of the hand and when push to something. It will give you some feedback. But it may not be stop your movement. It may just tell you: hey there’s something in the front of you. I’m thinking to use motor to be the engine for feedback part and kinect to detect people’s movement. Just a simple haptic thing for kinect and later maybe more complicated exoskeleton thing which Golan told me.