13 Jan 2013

I’m Kyna, a junior in BCSA. I’m really interested in game design/interactive software, and taxidermy. I don’t know how those two things work together yet, and I don’t really have much experience in either. Hopefully this class will allow me to explore one of these in more depth, or even find a way to cohesively combine them.



Last semester, I worked on a project called Drink Bot.



It’s a twitterbot, written in processing, that when executed searches for tweets containing the phrase ‘i need a drink,’ compiles a random drink from a database of ingredients, creates an image of it and tweets the image at the user who made the post.

It’s currently in its second incarnation, because retweeting images very quickly tends to result in immediate banning. It’s currently dormant for reference purposes, but I can run the program to start it up again whenever I choose.