27 Jan 2013

My sifteo app is an adaptation of Simon Says and a memory game. There are two players, each with their own cube. The first player starts, and performs one of six available actions (touching the screen, shaking their cube, or touching any of the four sides of the middleman cube with their own cube). The second player then must repeat this action, and add an action of their own. Then the first player repeats both actions and adds a new one, and so on, forming a chain of actions that must be remembered and repeated. The first player to mess up loses, unless the sequence reaches 20 steps, at which point the game ends in a draw. If I was cool I would have added audio cues to each action, so you could be sure that it was completed and to aid in memorization, but I’m not so I didn’t.

Git -> i swear i’ll get this to work eventually