09 Apr 2013

Small Bones Prototype Demo from Kyna McIntosh on Vimeo.

Narrative – 2 (3?) Ideas

1) Crypt/Post-Apocalyptic : Everyone is dead. You’re in a crypt, and you just want to get home. This idea allows for more freedom in skeleton design. There is also a potential for other dead souls to be possessing skeletons, which allows for a wider range of dynamic obstacles and competition between souls over the same skeleton. However, these new ideas, if added, make the code significantly more complicated. This idea could also possibly include a foray into a museum.

2) Natural History Museum : You are a dead employee/curator trapped under a filing cabinet/rubble. Or you are a soul trapped in a casket/container. Your goal is to escape. Levels would be different exhibits in the museum. Skeleton art would have to be anatomically correct, and the types of skeletons are limited by reality. This idea is more art-heavy, because new skeletons would be designed for every exhibit.

3?) Desert : You died of natural desert causes, as did a lot of other things. There are less opportunities for platforms and obstacles, but the potential for mirages is intriguing.

Skeletons – 2-3 More

1) Flier (pteradactyl or bird)

2) Swimmer (fish/eel : potential for entire underwater level, different types of swimmers)

3) Climber (lizard or monkey)

4) Smasher (rhino, elephant, T-rex)

Schedule –

4/15 – Get game working on Android
– Have selected and fleshed out narrative

4/22 – Levels designed and placeholders in
– Skeleton artwork done (2)
– Tutorial level finalized

4/49 – Fully worked levels 0, 1, 2 with art on Android