14 Apr 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 9.59.09 PM

I’ve switched focus a bit since the group discussion on project ideas.  I’m still focusing on the SDO imagery and displaying multiple layers of the sun time lapse, but I’ve decided that a more interesting approach to the project is to explore how people process different images of the sun when viewed through different eyes.  The first technical challenge to this is to create a way to view multiple Time Machine time lapses side by side.  I’ve managed to learn the Time Machine API and I’ve reworked a few things as follows:

A) Two time lapses display side-by-side at a proper size to be viewed through a stereoscope

B) Single control bar stretched beneath two time lapse windows

C) Videos synchronize on play and pause.  (Synchronization on time change or position change still results in jittery performance)

The synchronization needs a bit of work still, and then comes the time to work on the interface a bit more to support changing the layers in an intelligent and intuitive way.  I need to figure that out a bit and make some sketches.