13 Jan 2013

This is Meng Shi! I am a tangible interaction design master student. Prior to CMU, I majored in industrial design. I used to design user interface, design and prototype product, make gadgets, and build a formula car in team.

Now I want in exploring different interactions.  I take this course because I want to use digital media to express my thoughts and emotion, and to work with cool kids like you : )

This is my story: Rabbitman and Humanbot.

We made humanoids. We make robots according to human feature, because we want more natural communication experience with robots. Usually ,we make commands, while robots listen. But this is not communication. It is a one way communication about passive control.

I wonder if there is a more emotional way to communicate with man-made creatures. So I make an interaction prototype which is about adding a roboccessory to human. When you approach the rabbitman, s/he will be shy while your ears will spin. It was built with sensors and Arduino.