15 Jan 2013

One project that I admire profoundly: We feel fine
No matter what you call about this website, it is a piece of art for me. I profoundly admire the work by Jonathan Harris, because of it is full of emotions from all common people’s daily life. The data is from million human’s feeling expression on their blogs posts. The charming part is that the art’s arthor is everyone – not only people posts in last year or last several weeks, but also everyone in the past, present and future. This is a artwork that change as we grow and change.

one project that surprised me : Urushi Musical Interface
Here is the video:

Urushi Musical Interface from Yuri Suzuki on Vimeo.

I surprised by the combination of its beauty and simplicity. A new kind of digital music instrument with elegance. However, from the point of software/coding, I think it is not a technically cutting-edge one.

one project that could have been great but disappointed me: Wearable technologies stuff

The are cool. I like them, and even try to make them sometime. But a lot of wearable technology are not so satisfying. The point it dispoints me is that it usually solves the problem does not exist if the microcontroller there is placed for a purpose. Another they are cool but only on a prototype level. If all wearable technologies can merge more seamlessly into the tangible clothes, I would like them.